My New Golf Hat

My new golf hat… personalized.  I know, not very exciting, but I like my personalized golf hats that I get from  Check them out!

Ok, the story behind the hat: We had bought some personalized golf balls, tees, shirts, and hats for our trip to Cancun on February 14.  We thought that the resort we are going to had free golf at one of the nearby courses and we were going to take our clubs. Unfortunately, there are all kinds of fees involved with playing golf there that make it more expensive than probably the most expensive course I have ever played. So the clubs are staying home.

We will still use the golf stuff later on in the year.  I am sure we will play in Arizona or around here in the Chicago area once the weather warms up.

Buying personalized or logo golf gear is kind of like mixing business with pleasure.  I have been buying personalized golf items for several years and often use them to promote websites… I have no idea if we get any business because of them.  Perhaps we would do better if we gave them away to other people.

In fact, last year I was sponsoring golf balls for my neighbor.  It worked out well for both of us.

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