Aftermath of the Great American Eclipse

great american eclipse

For some of you, you are looking forward to 2024, when another solar eclipse will cross the United States.  For others, you are looking towards Chile in 2019.  Regardless, if you saw the total eclipse, you are probably suffering from withdrawal.  And not the partial eclipse you watched through your NASA certified shades, but that point in time when the moon completely blocked out the sun and you could look at it without glasses.  When your emotions overrode your mind, and you started speaking in tongues or whatever you do when what you are seeing is completely and totally unbelievable.

For me, 2019 in Chile seemed like a good way to go.  Another chance to see that unbelievable site.  But this is winter time in July.  Good temperatures but a nearly perfect chance to see nothing because of clouds.  2020 in December would be a much better idea. The solar eclipse returns to Chile and Argentina, and clouds are much less likely.

No matter what, 18 months between events is a long time.  Unless you go for the next lunar eclipse in Chicago on January 31, 2018.  But sorry, a lunar eclipse is strictly for photographers and lacks the life altering quality of a total solar eclipse.

Ultimately I have no plans.  No trips in the near future.  Time to make hay because the sun is shining like crazy.  Funny, I made a metaphor without even trying.  What I really mean is that I have work, my business will be profitable this winter unlike two winters in the last three years.  So time to put my head down and get it done.

What is your next total solar eclipse?

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