Las Colinas Golf Club, Queen Creek, AZ

Las Colinas Golf Club - Queen Creek, AZ

On a hot desert day, Labor Day to be specific, my son Jeff, my wife Chris, and I went golfing starting at 10 AM.  By the time we were done, it was in the mid 100’s for temperature and we were a little warm.  We made it though.  18 holes at Las Colinas in Queen Creek, Arizona.  That is just a few miles north of our San Tan Valley home.

Las Colinas is really your standard 18 hole public course.  Mostly straight fairways without too many challenges.  Distances are normal: Par 3’s were around 150 yards, par 4’s around 400 yards, and par 5’s just over 500 yards.  Some holes had sand traps in front of the greens but most were not too challenging.  Or in other words, it was a good course for a golfer like myself who only goes out once or twice a year.

tee box marker at las colinas

The fairways were narrow so I started out driving with my 3 wood, which by the way for me is probably longer than my driver.  Still, it hits straighter.  So why don’t I drive with my 3 wood all the time if it is longer and straighter?  Well, I would still like to learn to hit with the big headed driver… it should be more forgiving.  But I haven’t figured out how to swing right and consistently quite yet.   At the first par 5 I decided to switch to my driver and stuck with it.

All of us - Las Colinas Golf

Overall I only lost one ball on the whole course, which is amazing.  It had nothing to do with the course but with my game that day.  The one ball I lost was in tall grass I think, we just could not find it.

Las Colinas Number 7 Hole

Towards the end of our round, I was chugging water.  We made sure to refill at the tanks of cold cold water on 14, 15, and 16.  I was feeling weak.  I will powered it through though and finished strong.  Ok, I was probably over 100 but the fact that I finished and didn’t have a melt down (literally!) taught me that I can finish strong even when my body tells me I can’t.

Last time I golfed when it was so hot I got dehydrated and had to ride the cart for the last three holes.  I don’t think it was as hot but still, you gotta drink water.  It can get dangerous out there.

it was hot - at las colinas golf club

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